WE ARE CALLING for new volunteers!
Program: educative and informative courses to be held for youth.
This courses can be:
from the field of culture
  • e.g. : introduction to classical music – present and learn about European music from the last 500 years (comparative or just descriptive), or show pictures and introduce to any field of art. Introduce cinema art. …
  • from the field of nature science (biology, physics, chemistry…)
  • from the field of ethnology – which is a very interesting and important field.
  • from the field of ethnography – also this is very interesting and can be well done in cooperation with biology and physics (“how can people live in ice?” what do they eat if there is snow? How it feels if there is minus 30?
There is also the possibility of lectures (and practice) about medicine, sports, philosophy, philology and languages…
And there are masses more of possibilities! Actually everybody can apply and present his project, which he would like to do as a volunteer. Then all will be discussed and talked about.
WE provide free accommodation. Other expanses has to bear the volunteer as a part of his life. This are mainly the travel expenses. Expanses for Life in Rushooka are not high: this is food, water and power.
We hope to meet you soon!
contact: orutindo@gmail.com

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