Antrag auf Mitgliedschaft im Oritundo e.V. 

Being a member at orutindo is simple, you just pay two euro or 60 crowns per month you can also give more than the official,  then you become officially a member of this organisation. this money is used to maintain the house of orutindo which has been solary built by few members of the organision. this money also partly is intended to support unprevileged children which are being catered for by the organistion. (orutindo kids), we are looking forward to having more members and more support.

Advantages of membership at Orutindo
the first big advantage once you are a member who fulfils his or her obligations, you can stay at this house of orutindo for free only that you  have to pay food, and once you also have a child which you support in this project, there is an opportunity for you to stay in this childs home, this we call it orutindo interdependence, all of us profit from each other, there is no donor and no receiver but we are all donors and receivers at the same time, much as some of these families are too poor and have almost nothing, you will be surprised that they are willing to share even a slice of bread with a visitor, so lets discover this experience.

Verein zur Förderung interkultureller Entwicklung und Bildung