Our success story

End of 2020, one of our orutindo kids got the biggest part of her body burnt with a paraffin candle. Being a child of 7 years at that time, alone at her grandmothers house, the paraffin poured on her dress and caught fire immediately. Her dress having a button at the back, she was with her small hands not able to open and undress it. By the time someone came to her rescue, the biggest upper part of her body had burnt intensively. It was a big struggle to get a specialised hospital to work on her, Orutindo Kids Foundation also got alot of difficulties to get the child in their hands because the grandmother wanted to get the medication money directly in her hands of which we were sure it wont reach the hospital. The first installment we gave the family never was paid to the first hospital. So we took all matters into our hands, removed the child from the family with the agreement of the police and village leaders and took the child (Oprah) to other specialised hospitals who worked all year long with different operations to recover oprah back to her feet. This would not have been possible without the massive support of many friends. It was alot of money needed for medications, blood, bandages, transport, caretaker, food and drinks etc but we remain grateful to everyone who contributed to this cause. Kral Kommunication, „Die Tanten„, Eric, Rockhausen, Orutindo e.V  and many more others who supported massively towards recovering Oprah. She is now a happy kid, in a good bording school and all we can wish her is success in her life. Down are some of the photos starting with the success



20230123_103720 299681810_4805567359545186_1455493583064894854_n Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4


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