Aunties Lodge

End of 2001, the Auntie`s Lodge was finished. Auntie`s Lodge is a project that was fully sponsored by “Die Tanten“ from Switzerland in cooperation with Orutindo Kids Foundation with an aim to support Orutindo kids Foundation in a sustainable way (Sustainable income) for a long time. Any one who sleeps in this lodge supports Orutindo kids in Uganda 100% because all the income from the lodge goes to Orutindo Kids Foundation. The lodge is located in Rushooka village off the Mbarara-Kabaale highway, you branch off from Rwahi stage and the lodge is located 4km off the road in a beautiful village sorrounded with hills and banana plantation. The Aunties Lodge had also the aim to support the village which has a big hospital with a lot of patients with no accomodation possibility.

Welcome to Auntie`s Lodge and thanks for supporting Orutindo Kids Foundation Uganda.

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