Call for Distance-Adoptions

Our children

Urgent sponsorship is needed for orutindo kids, we officially have 15 orphanaged children and everyone is welcome to support any of these children. In uganda, school is an expensive commodity that not every child is able to have it.

Most children without parents suffer most when it comes to paying for school and still there are some with parents but are like orphans as well, have been neglected and are like orphans. The only hope for these children is education. therefore orutindo has ventured into supporting some of these kids but still lack funds to support all in school. More so we are also providing clothes and food to some of these children but without your support, we cannot manage anymore. so please give us a helping hand. there is more joy in giving than in receiving. we await your help.

We are calling for so called „distance – adoptions“!
Thanks to jurij, liskas, malta, bromova/shrek , maltezer oswiencim(for „adopt“) and winter (for the contributions).
We are still looking for more “adoptive parents”… in our time, when you can adopt an animal, or a tree – why not also to try it with a small child, which can get access to education only through such a “guardian”.

An then – later – again give access to education (and later also
to jobs) through being a guardian (mostly for a younger member of the large families).

WE are really happy for the big success which for us means already to have 3 “guardians” – but still we would need much more. Therefore I want to give some information about it and also prices – so that everybody can verify and see what with his amount can be done.

There are basically different types, so that everybody can decide according to his possibilities and ideas:

  1. the full guardianship: here the child joins a good private school (primary or secondary) and stays in a dormitory. This way is the best, because it’s the only one, which also ensures a certain environment for studies. How otherwise you can do your homework with no light and power, with other work at home to be done by you, with no food sometimes, with disturbance… The price for full guardianship – primary school – is 600.- euro annually (here the dormitory and meals are included)
  2. the local guardianship is similar like at point 1.) – but regarded to a local, cheaper private or government school. The price local guardianship – primary school – is 450.- euro annually (here the dormitory and meals are included)
  3. The half guardianship is similar like at point 2.) – but without dormitory and food. The price half guardianship – primary school – is 300.- euro annually (here the dormitory and meals are NOT included. The child stays at one of the relatives.)

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