At orutindo project, officially we have 15 children and officially 4 are being sponsore, one is sponsored from Poland, Malteser oswiencim and 3 are helped by UGANDAN DANCERS BAND Czech Republic. So if any one would love to share little he or she has with those who have nothing, please, you are very welcome, on this blog your can get all the information. you can choose from the Orutindo kids on the blog and let us know whom you are willing to help and feel free to ask information about the child and arrangements to visit and to see the child is also possible, Orutindo group can arrange that. The more help we get, the more children we admit in the group, for now we are limited with the finances. thanks a lot and lets not get tired of giving help.

Malteser Oswencim, Poland

Orutindo group would like to send lots of thanks to malteser oswencim poland for the help they are giving to one of our children, the Orutindo Kid. Since 2011 malteser oswiencim has supported Allelua Joel in secondary school at St. Pauls High School Rushooka, Uganda. Joel is so excited and so happy about it, he is now in senior three and his dream is to become a doctor, so help him God. thanks once again Malteser, Orutindo group is so grateful in helping and joining hands with us to support someone. The hand that gives is the hand that receives (Lucky Dube).
thanks once again.