another full sponsorship for another orutindo kid

We are happy to announce that this year, we again got full sponsorship from one of orutindo friends for one more child. full sponsorship means a child to stay in school and have access to light, food, water and extra time to study. All children in africa dream of this, to stay in school where they are safe, sure that they have food, light and extra free time to study. Thanks to everyone who helps and try to make the orutindo dreams come true. greetings.


Lots of greetings to you all.

we would like to remind the Orutindo friends that this month of january 2015, the Orutindo kids begin school. so please you are all reminded who are paying school fees to some children, that it is time to pay to enable the administrators arrange the requirements needed to be in school. Those who have a desire to help someone, it is not too late or it is never too late, you can still do so any time you feel like. Thanks alot and God bless you.