Big thanks to Veronika Bromova and Ivan

Veronika and her husband Ivan from czech republic are a wonderful couple which have gotten a chance to visit Uganda. On reaching in Uganda, they have fallen in love with one boy called Kabaya 7 years old whom we have in orutindo as well. they have gotten an opportunity to visit his home and were overwhelmed that he had no bed and no cover and no clothes and no food, but outside he stayed a smiling boy and happy boy and playful as well even when some days he spend without food in his stomach. one day veronika and ivan surprised us when they went to town and came with  lots of things for kabaya, a new matress, blanket, shoes, shirts, trousers and they dressed up kabaya and no body was able to recognise him at first sight. kabaya ever had one trouser which had become like a skirt on him, it had lost the middle part and the shirt had turned to soil color because he never has soap to wash and also no other clothes to change to. Veronika and ivan helped his family also to get some food and up to now they have kept their love for kabaya and have kept supporting him. thanks veronika and ivan for such a good heart, God will grant you in plenty in return.

we love you and thanks for helping somebody.