Orutindo Chicken Farm

Did you hear about the new Orutindo Chicken Peoject? Yes now you know. Two families (Family Kejha and Family Petranek)

that visited Uganda and Orutindo Kids Foundation beginning of this year decided to begin a project that would fully support orutindo kids and that was the orutindo chicken farm. Started it from scratch this year and yes here we are. Anyone can join any time by buying a chickennor more and adding it to the farm. The income from the eggs and from the chicken is intended to support orutindo kids.

The two families of Kejha and Petranek still support the chicken farm by sponsoring the food for the chicken, and on the 7th of September 2023, the family of Kejha organised an event in Spalene Poric (near Pilsen) about Uganda and Orutindo Project, 4800 Czech Crowns was collected which will be used to buy food and medication for the chicken farm. We thank this two families so much and wish them good health.

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