Call for more Volunteers

Dear everyone,

now your dream of being a volunteer in Africa can be fulfilled. At Orutindo Kids Organisation we receive and host volunteers from all around the world who are ready and wish to do something with the kids. Any idea is welcome, just tell us what you are good at, what you are able to do with the kids and we will fix you on one of our programs. Up to now we have been receiving volunteers from Czech republic and we are happy with what they have done with the kids. The orutindo Kids Center is also finished when the volunteers are hosted as well. Come and enjoy your time as a volunteer at Orutindo Kids Organisation. The new volunteer at the moment is Lucie from the Czech republic and see how she is enjoying the orutindo kids organisations premises.

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Orutindo Kids christmas Party 2018

Some months before Christmas, most people start to plan what they will eat, were on Christmas day or where they will travel and spend Christmas days in style. However most kids especially the orphans (kids without Parents) just wait for nature to take care or a well wisher who might miraculously pass by and even offer them a meal on that day. The Year of 2018 was planned well not forgetting kids in such situation. The Project founder`s birthday which is 11.11 was the best time to used it to do something better for Orutindo kids. So she requested all her friends not give her any present but to contribute something small to be able to make a Christmas party for Orutindo Kids. Friends reacted positively by contributing financially, materialistically which made it possible on 23rd December 2018 to make a big party for orutindo kids , full of presents and lots of drinks and eats. Such acts dont only make these kids happy but they feel loved, wanted, worth and cared for. What is our purpose on this planet earth if we are not able to bring a smile at least to one person. Lets not forget what mother Theresa once said: if you cannot feed 100 people then at least

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Finally Orutindo Kids Center is finally finished

The month of December 2018 was a month to celebrate Orutindo Kids Organisation in Uganda, an organisation that supports unprivileged kids especially Orphan kids to Attain education by supporting them in paying school fees, school materials and feeding. However not on the end of 2018 saw us celebrating the increasing number of kids but celebrating the completion of the Orutindo center meant to be an education center for unprivileged kids and information for everybody. This center is supposed to host kids in need of accommodation, to host a playground for kids, to provide games for kids , sewing machines for making school uniforms for the orutindo kids, to host volunteers from all around the world coming to support kids in the schools around and at the Orutindo center itself. We would like to thank all those who supported us in all ways in prayer, in words of encouragement, in financial support. Among the people we would like to thank is H. Flury and family, W. Reinhard and family, C. Kessler and Gelinde, Rockhausen family, Farma u Drhovsky, H. Silvia and the list goes on. Thanks so much for the support and for making it happen that the Orutindo Kids Center is Completed. Thanks so much for your support and may God continue to bless you on behalf of the Orutindo Kids. The house has two floors, the ground floor is with Terazzo Floor and the second floor is wooden floor. Has 2 bedrooms and big sitting room with a big balcony upstairs, has a big sleeping room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom and a big sitting and reading room downstairs. So everyone is welcome to visit this amazing center.