Finally Orutindo Kids Center is finally finished

The month of December 2018 was a month to celebrate Orutindo Kids Organisation in Uganda, an organisation that supports unprivileged kids especially Orphan kids to Attain education by supporting them in paying school fees, school materials and feeding. However not on the end of 2018 saw us celebrating the increasing number of kids but celebrating the completion of the Orutindo center meant to be an education center for unprivileged kids and information for everybody. This center is supposed to host kids in need of accommodation, to host a playground for kids, to provide games for kids , sewing machines for making school uniforms for the orutindo kids, to host volunteers from all around the world coming to support kids in the schools around and at the Orutindo center itself. We would like to thank all those who supported us in all ways in prayer, in words of encouragement, in financial support. Among the people we would like to thank is H. Flury and family, W. Reinhard and family, C. Kessler and Gelinde, Rockhausen family, Farma u Drhovsky, H. Silvia and the list goes on. Thanks so much for the support and for making it happen that the Orutindo Kids Center is Completed. Thanks so much for your support and may God continue to bless you on behalf of the Orutindo Kids. The house has two floors, the ground floor is with Terazzo Floor and the second floor is wooden floor. Has 2 bedrooms and big sitting room with a big balcony upstairs, has a big sleeping room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom and a big sitting and reading room downstairs. So everyone is welcome to visit this amazing center.


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