Überblick 2013 – 2014

Full of smiles in this spring season, i send you all greetings from Orutindo Project.
We would like to inform all our members that the project is doing well and we would like to thank all the active members who have supported us to this level and would like to encourage the passive members not to loose strength, it is not too late to be with us actively and to follow our activities actively. We would like to thank members who have been with us and have supported us:

Matej Razinger – (Switzerland)
Regula – (Switzerland)
Desney and Reinhard Winter – (Austria)
Maltezer Oswiencim – (Poland)
Jurij Vasiliev – (Russia)
Bromova Srek – (CZech)
Liska Family – (Czech)
Susanne Popp – (Germany-Zurich)
Amutuhaire Joseline (Basiga Fonds) (Uganda)

I would like to update you on the activities of the project and if anyone is not satisified please, you are free to contact up.
Right now we have 3 children in secondary school for whom we pay school fees. Then we have 3 children in primary school for whom we pay school fees as well. we have around 15 children on our waiting list and due to limited funds we cannot manage to have all in school but we have them on a waiting list, when some funds appear we add in more. We started to pay school fees in 2010 with only one child but now we have six children being sponsored.
Then the house for the project is half way finished, we have totally failed to finish the roof and we request every member to think about it, to look for friends who would like to contribute something that we can make a nice roof. The building should not collapse on its final stages. The floor is also not yet made but for now the most important is the roof.
We still beg for laptops, if anybody wants to donate a laptop or has one which he nolonger uses, please donate it to our project because we would like to install computers and internet so that our children and the community around can have a chance for research, education through such possibilities.

We would also like to invite all members, who ever wishes at anytime to visit the project and see our activities, give some ideas whenever possible.
New mebers are still welcome. to be a member you are just obliged to pay a minimum of 1euro per month that is 12euros a year, then you will be part of us and will be supporting our activities.
if you have donated anything to orutindo project, you are free to ask for the use and accountability of whatever you have donated.

keep following our blog where our activities are posted more often. Please stay with us to make our work more amazing. We are because you are and since you are therefore we are.

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