New 31 children on our waiting list

this year 2015,  part of the Orutindo administration managed to do in Uganda a big event for helpless children. The project so far has 10 fully supported children in school and in March 2015 got other 31 children who also need our help. Among these,  10 are total orphans (without mother and Father) and 21 are with mother only but still they are also helpless and need our help. Our aim is not to give them what they need at the moment but to give them something that sustains them for the whole of their life. That is, education. With education, they become independent citizens. Education in Uganda is not free, that is why we are calling up everybody to join us, give whatever you can so that we can help someone in need. I thank you in advance. Who wants to take up a child, just specify the sex, age. The ones on our waiting list are boys and girls, all still in primary school, age between 7 and 16 years of age. Thanks all for your support, without most of you, it would not be possible to reach this far.



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