Dear Members of Orutindo, we would like to wish you a happy advent time. As we thank God for bringing us this far, please let us also remember our orutindo kids and wishing them the best for this year and next year. please rember to contributer our membership fee for this year 2014 and coming year which is at the door 2015. for those who are sponsoring children, we are so grateful and remind you to keep u the spirit and to plan already for 2015. thanks alot. you can also visit orutindo market to support the orutindo kids. thanks for being with us and we wish that you stay with us in this journey. we wish to create permanent effect on upreviledged people through education which is long term not just for providing for one days need. greetings and thanks alot.
Amutuhaire Joseline, chairperson Orutindo.

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