Thanks to all who contributed towards buying school materials.

Having had the numbers of Children at Orutindo increasing this year, we were overwhelmed by the demand of the school materials. We posted a request on Facebook to fundraise towards buyings school materials for Orutindo Kids. Many people reacted positively , the money that was collected was used to buy school materials like school uniforms, books, pens, pencils, shoes , matrasses and bedings. The kids were excited and overwhelmed by everyones love and thank everyone so much who has played a role in their lives. Thanks everyone who has been with us in this journey and we ask everyone who wants to join and be the projects member. Thanks alot.27628816_10155328333059352_2218934837166885231_o 33653626_1356885594413397_1865283655039975424_n 33727670_10155580280429352_601278293110423552_n 33923930_1356885574413399_533286366654496768_n 34076025_10155586749099352_980169016494522368_n

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