Many Thanks to Popp Family and Alexander Weber

It is hard to talk about the success of Orutindo project without mentioning the name Popp. Susanne and Christian Popp family have been supportive not only in supporting some children in the Orutindo Project but have also Organised some event in supporting the Orutindo Project. One of their big achievement in 2017 is that they have managed with Alexander Weber to Organise the Donation of 10 Laptops to Orutindo Project which are meant to enhance the learning of New skills at the Education center in Rushooka Village. The computers are not yet installed as they are waiting for the Installation of Electricity in the House. This has made so much joy for the project, the long awaited wish finally became a reality. Thank you Susanne and Christian Popp and Alexander Weber for the good and hard work. Your love for the project has given us power and joy to go on. May God bless you.

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